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There are 4 things I do whenever I am not too busy with work, reading, buying books, browsing blogs and, of course, drawing. You may wonder: shouldn't reading and buying books be in the same category? Well, sometimes I just buy and buy books and not read them at all, an act you might call books buying addict. I hadn't thought of this kind of addiction much until I realized that most of my books on shelves were unread and in the past 3 months, I had spent so much money on books. So, I decided to prevent myself from buying more books as much as I could. The best way is not going out at all, which is quite easy as I work at home :-)

But now that I think I can save money on books, I encounter a dilemma here with Etsy. You see?...as long as I don't go out, my money wouldn't fly to bookshop for sure but for Etsy, it takes a great effort to resist the beauty of all things for sale over there. With one click and your amount of money in bank account will be smaller.

I fixed that by opening another account that links to Paypal and put small money on it so that I will have some kind of budget whenever I think about buying anything.

I don't think I'm a shopaholic. No, not yet ;-)

Anyway, I still love browsing things on Etsy and thankfully, there's Favorite page over there and I can save what I browse and like for future coming back. Here's one of them. A cute
I love reading -White and Red Cloud Bookmark by coccinellerouge

So, I think this post is the first post of 'I Like' section. It will be records of what I find, love and want to buy on web but just not yet. It would be like the period of thinking through before spending money online, I hope :-)

That's it for now. Have a merry day!

Oh! In case you don't know yet. I 'm having FREE Shipping offer on my shop now. Read the details in the previous post :-)


  1. I absolutely love reading too!
    That's why I have decided to make these cute bookmarks :)
    Thanks so much for featuring me, it was a pleasure!


  2. cocinelle's creations are really lovely and so cute!!!
    i love reading too... yesterday i've bought a new book!!;D

  3. This bookmark is so lovely!

    *Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Coccinellerouge's creations are really lovely and funny, cute!!! :D


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