little roll cake girl

My latest cute cake series, little roll cake girl. The sketch of this girl had been in my sketchbook for some time until I picked it up and illustrated the other day. I really enjoyed doing this, especially in the coloring step. I did this drawing digitally as usual and I found that using soft pastel colors and a bit similar shades together made it look natural and glowing somehow. My sister said that it looked like watercolor painting. :-)

I have another cake girl to show and still thinking if I should put this girl on my shop as a postcard or 5x5 inches print...

What do you think?

Again, thanks for all comments, I find that it makes me post here more regularly :-)


  1. She's GORGEOUS and I love that glowy effect!! 5x5 sounds like the perfect home for her :)

  2. Thank you Dawn! How are you today?

    Hope it's great and glowy just like my girl! :-D

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