For Just One Day by Marc Boutavant

for just one day

As piles of unread books in my room was getting higher and higher, I thought I would stop going to bookshop for at least 3 months. I think I already knew it would be mission impossible though. It has been just only about a month and a half and with so much work and stress plus some sickness, yesterday I suddenly felt an urge to have beautiful books in my hands. I did go out and came back home with 2 bags of books!

So, I have just used almost half of my fee for my latest work which I have been working on for a month in one day!

I think it's worthwhile though because I am absolutely happy with all the books I bought. Especially this one.

If you like children's picture books, I'm sure you must know this amazing illustrator, Marc Boutavant

'For Just One Day' is a wonderful book of 'let's pretend' theme. For just one day, what would you like to be?

I think, for just one day, I would like to be Marc Boutavant himself. Just want to know how he sees the world and how he can illustrate such wonderful book.

Now enjoy the inside pages :-)

for just one day

for just one day

for just one day

for just one day


Sporty pencils and a funny story ^-^

sporty pencil

sporty pencil

I think this blog is going to be too boring if I keep talking and showing my shop items. So, let's take a break and talk about something else, shall we? ^-^

I'm not a sport person but these sporty mechanical pencils are too cute to be ignored. I bought them from a supermarket in my neighborhood. I especially like the design on top. At first, I thought the ball things were just some kind of decorative parts but you can actually roll down the plastic covers and use the ball erasers. I think they are way too cute to be used though.

I bought these for my nieces and they didn't believe me that it's actually an eraser until I showed them. They really love these pencils ^-^

Talk about sporty, I just read a short story called The Sporting Decision by Maeve Binchy. It goes like this:

a man fell in love at first sight with a girl whom he met at an antique fair. He nervously started a conversation with her in the topic of horse racing (he's quite crazy about this kind of sport) and indirectly asked her out by suggesting that she should call him if a specific horse won a game. This intrigued her and they waited for the horse to win but it didn't. She wanted to call him but she didn't. He wanted to call her but didn't either.

So, what happened at the end? I think I'd better leave it blank here. It's quite easy to guess the happy ending though.

What a funny and cute short story! I'm just wondering what if she had no idea about horse race?

The story is in a book called 'The Return Journey' by Maeve Binchy, in case you want to read it. ^-^



It's a bit early but here they come, my Halloween set on Etsy!

witch you a happy halloween blank card

Witch you a Happy Halloween blank card

jack-o-lantern sticker set

jack-O-lantern Sticker Set

I finally finished this Halloween set. Yehhh! ^o^

I was a bit nervous making these two little pieces as they both needed die-cutting. ( I wonder why I designed it like that. :-P) I stupidly realized that die-cutting for such design was going to be a pain after I had already printed them out :-P
Then, I just said 'Oh well, I need to do that anyway...'

Have you ever been like me? You know there should be some other ways to work around but you just stubbornly do it anyway. Maybe because I was getting tired at the time and it's getting late at night and I didn't want to put it off anymore so I just picked the knife and did it. (sounds like a scene from horror movie? :-)

I'm telling you honestly that this paper set is not perfect but it's handmade and I had fun making it ^-^

Stop by my MerryDay shop to see details of these little cute set if you'd like.

Thanks for coming and Have an early merry Halloween! ;-)

PS. I have just realized that I had pumpkins ready for props but I totally forgot about it and used orange instead! :-p


Can anyone help me choose?

A quick post today....

I feel like posting something but no photo today. Just something in my mind.

The Halloween sticker set is almost done and will be listed on my shop very soon and I haven't show you the card yet, right? Just wait and see :-)

Now I'm getting really fun making cute things. There are so many ideas waiting to pour out (just hope that I can use that creative juice on my day work too :-P) Anyway, there are 3 things in my head that keep fighting to be the first I pick to draw next. They are...

1) School Time
2) Wizard of Oz
3) Little Red Riding Hood

Can anyone choose for me? :-D
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