Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year everyone!
May you all have good health and a prosperous year!
Cheers! :-D


postcards at art square

Well, I have neglected this blog again :-( Same old excuse of loads of work and busy preparation of these.

These are illustration postcards I did for sale at art square The fair is held by my university. It's quite small with students as main target. I think it's more like a social event and it's fun for me who spend most of my time working at home to go out and talk with people :-)

A lot of people seems to like my cute design and I was able to sell some. The most popular card is the one with growing flowers on her head. I love this one the most too. It's my cellphone's wallpaper :-)

Today is the event's last day and after this I have to put more effort on my Etsy. It's about time!
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