What I listen to : Demi Lovato - Neon Lights

I don't quite like the mv but fast songs are always good for long hours of working
in front of the computer. So that you won't feel sleepy ;)


today I draw

Almost 3 months that I have been absent from this blog. I should give this blog up already as it seems I will never keep posting consistently. But I like blogging. It's the best method of recording my life. So here I am again.

However, as I decided earlier since the end of last year that this year of 2014 will be my year of being offline, which means I will focus more on my making art offline rather than sharing online as I used to, this blog will mostly keep records of my everyday drawings for some time. Until I'm ready to share more of my art experience ;)

The good thing is today I'm still drawing :)

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