Every little thing could make big difference in life.


Every little thing could make big difference in life.

This little paper bag contained my latest shopping items from a zakka shop near my place. Simple sentence, but it has stuck on my mind for days. I have always been a person who believe that whatever things we do now will have a role in our future one way or another. No matter how trivial those things are. Just wondering how my little things I do now (such as writing this post?) may affect my future.

The future of unknown, it's a bit exciting, isn't it?

About my project of redesigning my shop. I'm still in the stage of researching, taking notes. The good news is I'm beginning to sketch down new ideas and do some digital drawings. 

Everything is in slow pace now but I can't wait to see the final solution already !

Here a sneak peek of what I'm working on :) 



  1. The statement 'Every little thing could make big difference in life.' is so full of possibility. Seriously, your blog is absolutely delightful and since discovering you through BYW you've been added to my regular readings. You're drawings are so playful and full of joy, it's inspired me to start drawing again.. So, you've made difference already!

  2. I love your sketch - you and me and two cups of tea!:) really lovely ideas and style. Look forward to seeing your final site. Gabs :) BYW bootcamper! Thank you for the comment on my blog too x

  3. Good luck! It sounds very exciting and I can't agree with you more about every little thing could make a big difference in life.

  4. I really love this message and it IS something that I need to remember daily, I always think it has to be a massive and grand gesture and that massive success is required immediately. I really love the quality of your blog and look forward to seeing how it grows. I want to start a daily drawing practise myself as I've become terrified of the white page. Taking an Illustrator 101 class, a photoshop class AND a real life drawing class with an artist that I admire to shock myself into it. Look forward to following you on my feedly and the next 4 weeks in BYW, blessings, kittybaroque


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