drawing : the love of Octopus


So, I think I'm gradually coming back to be myself, a person who draw almost all the time. In fact, I have been a member of some art groups but have been guiltily neglected most of them. It's not good. These groups are helpful, friendly and inspiring. They really help pushing me to pursue my art. So, I think I have to be more active now.

The illustration above is my latest style. It's done for The Fancy Pants Sketch Club on Facebook. The topic is 'Tentacles'. It's quick drawing and although I drew this while I was having a headache, I enjoyed it very much :)

It's a good feeling when you have finished something, even a small thing like this drawing.

I really love me, myself now :)


  1. this sketch is lovely - there is such a gentle love between the characters that totally belies your headache - well done . This way of working looks very natural to you.
    x Gabs (BYW student)


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