doodle no.25

doodle no. 25

Something I drew during break :-) Soooo busy with my work right now.
Can't wait to get back to drawing!


Etsy sneak peek : my upcoming list

birthday card sneak peek

An illustration I did for new listing on my shop. I really enjoy doing this piece and
so excited to put it in my shop but I need to think it through about the format,
should I make it mini card or regular 4x6 inch card? Still thinking about it...


Illustration: Missing You

Missing You

I have been figuring out how to make texture effect in Illustrator program for some time. Just found out that the key word I should look for was 'screen print'. I searched for tutorials on webs and tried experiments. This is my initial attempt. Still not what I wanted exactly but I really enjoyed doing it. I like the way the picture was developed from simple shape of the hat and then I added face, butterfly and hair. I didn't think much all through the process, actually I didn't think that I would do a girl face. Each step just came spontaneously and the theme 'Missing You' suddenly appeared when I almost finished it and then I added the little flower (do you see it?)

I have to learn more of texture making and I hope I will do better and better...

Thanks for coming and please leave comments. I really want to hear your voices. :-)


FREE! MerryDay wallpaper :-)

MerryDay wallpaper01

I woke up this morning feeling very good with no particular reason and thought that I would do something to remind me of this good feeling.

So, this is a simple cute MerryDay wallpaper for you to download if you like :-) Just click on the image and save it from Flickr. The image is 1680x1050 pixel.

Have a merry day!
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