Illustration: Missing You

Missing You

I have been figuring out how to make texture effect in Illustrator program for some time. Just found out that the key word I should look for was 'screen print'. I searched for tutorials on webs and tried experiments. This is my initial attempt. Still not what I wanted exactly but I really enjoyed doing it. I like the way the picture was developed from simple shape of the hat and then I added face, butterfly and hair. I didn't think much all through the process, actually I didn't think that I would do a girl face. Each step just came spontaneously and the theme 'Missing You' suddenly appeared when I almost finished it and then I added the little flower (do you see it?)

I have to learn more of texture making and I hope I will do better and better...

Thanks for coming and please leave comments. I really want to hear your voices. :-)


  1. GORGEOUS! I love her!! And yep I see the flower :) From what I hear, textures in Illustrator are hard to do.

  2. Thanks Dawn!

    Making texture in AI is not so hard. Once you get the idea, it should not be so difficult to develop your own texture, I guess :-)

  3. I adore your work! just discovered your blog will be following for sure! can't wait to see more! :)


  4. I think you have definitely found your illustration style... and it's fab! I can see the flower too!
    Thanks for the hint on texture... I've been trying to create more texture too and it is challenging at times.

  5. I wish there was more time in the day to go through all the fun tutorials. What am I saying..I must be crazy...I would never sleep..LOL...I think your image is just lovely!!
    Warmest Regards,Cat

  6. i love your drawings, congratulations ^_^!


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