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Beautiful postcards featuring classic Puffin book covers. Some of these match with books I already own. I guess it's also their strategy to provoke potential readers' curiosity when they see unfamiliar book illustrations and want to know what the stories are about ^-^


New : Sweet Scent of Apple illustration

I'm having one of those moments when I just keep drawing and drawing ^-^ Although I think I should have had some other topic for my illustrations or some stories in it, I still couldn't break away from my box yet. I have to keep on trying.

I first drew this girl long time ago and left it unfinished. The original idea was something in fashion look, don't know why it's switched to this fairly-tale like. I imagine she is an apple angel with her scent of refreshing sweet apple for your peace of mind ^-^

This illustration is available as 8x10 print on my shop. Just click on the link below to see details :-)

Sweet Scent of Apple 8x10 illustration print by MerryDay on Etsy


Also, I have decided to list this Baby Duck Bath on my shop. Come to think of it, this cute bath scene might be nice as baby shower invitation cards too...hmm?


Baby Duck Bath 8x10 illustration print by MerryDay on Etsy

Etsy Treasury : The Sound of Silence

Just did a Treasury : The Sound of Silence here. All the beautiful silent sound in muted colors. Makes me think of a warm peaceful day when you can sit back, relax and enjoy your inner peace ^-^

Have a wonderful, merry day everyone!


NEW ! Bookplates of Big-Yellow-Ribbon Girl illustration set of 5 on Etsy



Little Big-Yellow-Ribbon Girl Bookplates

Another new listing on MerryDay

I don't know why I like so much to have my little girls wearing something in bright yellow color on pure white background. I guess it looks bright like sunshine and makes me feel happy and think in positive ways. ^-^

I first learned the word 'Ex Libris' when I took typography class at school. We were assigned a little in-class project of making Ex Libris pads from scrap papers. It's the first year at school and I was too shy to ask what it was. I looked at others and did my best with my collage. At the end of the class, the teacher collected every pieces and we all had copies of everyone else 's Ex Libris pads the following week.

Although this is just a tiny bit of not so grand projects (we had more interesting and sometimes adventurous projects at school), I cherish this memory because it relates to books and the class atmosphere at the time is quite memorable. My school was pretty old. Most of the tables were broken and we always missed one or two stools in each class and had to borrow from other rooms. But it's a transitional period when I began my study. The Type classroom was one among few other rooms that had just been renovated. The room was white and spacious with everything new and shiny. What I remember best is the 4 beautiful Colonial styled white-framed windows. Each was large and high from floor to ceiling. They let warm sunshine pour in the room that day, something we most appreciated as sunny days were absolutely rare in Seattle...

Well, I think I'm nostalgic today.

Just click on the link above and see if you like my bookplates, will you? :-) It's still FREE SHIPPING !


NEW on Etsy! 'Her name is Time' Flat Note card set of 6



Her Name is Time flat note card set of 6

Remember Time flies! Catch her if you can! (from my shop of course!)

Also Little Big Ribbon Girl bookplates are on the way tomorrow!


Her name is Time...

Her name is Time.
Although she looks young, she's the oldest one in the universe.

Time is strict and true to her duty. She never looks back but always looks forward to keep things going. When people says 'Time flies', she will shake her head refusing. She never flies. She can only walk steadily in her rhythmic paces.

But if you look closely, you may see a glint of mischief in her eyes. She knows sometimes people take her for granted so she plays with their mind.

When people feel happy, she will quicken her paces so that it won't last long.

And if ones feel sad, she will slow down her steps as if to let them suffer more.

It is not that she is cruel. It is just her way of letting people know
the truest truth.

That there is no certainty in this world at all.
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