Introducing the brown series mini letter sets

the brown series : Savor the Moment  mini letter set

So, I have been in 'no-mood-for-blogging' period again. I haven't been too far from my computer though. I think I could say that my time has been well spent creating some new items for my shop.

Above is one of my mini letter sets I just listed. I also would like to call it 'the brown series':-) The illustration may look familiar. It's one of my Sketchbook Project pages I did last year. I had always wanted to make something out of it. First I thought of a big print, then postcard design. They didn't seem special enough for me. I wanted to print the illustration (I retraced and colored the lines in Adobe Illustrator program) on brown paper. But the paper stock that I have is too thin for card design. So, I thought of notepad and letter set. By that time, my sister bought me a round paper shaper and I found cute set of mini envelopes. They are just perfect for making mini letter sets :-).

the brown series : Savor the Moment  mini letter set

the brown series : Savor the Moment  mini letter set

The feedbacks I got for the first brown mini letter set: fleur was pretty nice. So I enjoyed making more. Here are what I have so far for the brown series. You can find them all on my shop

the brown series : fleur mini letter set

the brown series : fleur mini letter set

the brown series : Say Hi mini letter set

the brown series : Say Hi mini letter set


FruityCute Girl and inspired doodles



I have two things to show you today. First is my most favorite character, FruityCute Girl :-D. The design is one of the first drawings I did when I started my Etsy shop. The very first version of this girl looks very different. Her face was fat and she didn't smile prettily as the latest version does. It's the same drawing but just a bit of line adjustment can make the two girls look so different. :-)

You can find my FruityCute Girl notepads on my shop now.

Second is my inspired doodles! Here are my doodles for the topic of 'library' and 'sunshine'. Click on the image to see the larger version:

inspied doodles : library01

I like the idea of mobile library although I have never seen one :-)

inspied doodles : library02

I have always wanted to publish my own book, written, illustrated and designed by me. I guess I have to start writing a complete manuscript first!

inspied doodles : sunshine01

Lollipop looks like sunshine and it makes you smile, doesn't it?

The Sunshine girl on the right page is a character I would like to be. She is always positive, energetic and she can be happy even in cloudy days :-D

Hope you enjoy my post. Have a merry, sunshine day!


Inspired Doodles : cat

inspired doodles : cat02

inspired doodles : cat01

I drew these last night. Not really thought of anything at first. Then some stories just came to me :-) I especially enjoy the top one, the nightmare of the faceless cat and sweet scene of a Victorian cat's tea time :D

Next topics are 'library' and 'sunshine'. Wondering what I will come up with ;-)

Off to take some photos of my new shop items now.


Inspired Doodles workshop


This month I'm taking an online workshop with Stephanie, an inspiring illustrator I admire. The workshop is called Inspired Doodles. I was a little worried at first wondering if I could manage my time properly. But now that I cleared up all my work and it seems that it's going to be a slow period again, I guess I will have more things to post here :-)

Above are my doodles for the workshop. I haven't drawn as much as I should have as I spent this couple of days making new design for my shop. Below are my two last items for my 10 Million Love design collection. I still love my little yellow duck girl but I guess it's about time to move on to new designs :-)

Here are links to these latest items, in case you are interested :-)

Little Yellow Duck label stickers

Baby Yellow Duck Girl label stickers


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