365 days I draw (day 38 : stuck)


The lady's high heel got stuck in the pavement and her little maids are trying to get it out! :P



365 days I draw (day 33 : rose)


A rose is a rose is a rose. ---Gertrude Stein :)

But there's a mistake in this image :P


365 days I draw (day 27 : tangled)


She woke up one morning and found that her tangled hair had changed into little birds' new home :P


365 days I draw ( day 25-26 : family and geisha)


My original idea was something like 'kitty family tea time' but the tea cup somehow turned out to be this soup bowl. So why not change it to supper time? :P 

This could be a cute card or letter set. What do you think?

And Here's my day 26 : geisha
I thought I would do something more graphic for this topic, playing with lettering  but it didn't work so I went back to my cute little girl. Still enjoy drawing little things :)



365 days I draw (day 21 : later)


I skipped this challenge for several days during the holiday :( I'm back now :)


hand drawn birthday card


The very first drawing I draw this year. A hand drawn birthday card :)

I used to sketch a rough draft first then scan and trace it on computer, but lately I found that sketchy lines and imperfection could look more charming :)

Hand drawn drawing with ink is the way to practice making decision too. First you have to imagine what you want to draw in your head, estimate the area of drawing on paper sheet and then draw the first line. This stage always excites me, if you put the first line on wrong spot, the whole drawing could shift. If you put on wrong colors, unlike pencil and computer, you cannot erase or undo it. You can only accept the result or start all over again :P I guess that makes hand drawn drawings more precious than the ones produced on computer.

I used to think drawing on computer is quicker than drawing by hand but now I think the undo function and the color panel can slow you down because you will keep undoing things and changing colors until you are satisfied, which sometimes never happens :P

Technology drives people to want more and never teaches us how to feel enough.

Just some rambling thoughts on a gloomy-weather day. Off to draw something now :)

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