MerryDay goes to school is back


MerryDay goes to school is back. If you can remember, I took an e-course called Make Art That Sells last year, both part A and B. I completed part A but couldn't make it for part B due to my work load. Now I have done all my work and been able to carve out time to do homework on my own. The first week's assignment is Holiday Card with Candy and Ornament as keywords. This is what I have so far :)



Playtime with little nieces

The top is my drawing which my niece imitaed at the bottom ;)

It's a week of babysitting of my little nieces. I'm not good at taking care of children. The only trick I have is to draw. Luckily, my nieces also love making art so we spent time drawing and painting. Drawing on tiny nutshells was fun and it's nice to pretend to be kid again ;)

ps. sorry for the lousy photos, I just took them with my old iphone :P

playtime with my little nieces, drawing on nutshell

Playtime with my little nieces


ATC swap : owl

atc swap : owl

My second ATC swap. The theme is OWL. I intended to make a simple brown owl with cut out wings. Then the idea of flowers decorative and lettering came in. I wanted to do the eyes with some buttons but drew the simple sleeping eyes instead. I had fun doing this. The next topic is TALL, wondering how I will come up with the idea :)

This week is a big holiday in Thailand. People are having fun and I'm having a great time drawing and being inspired by good books and great art on the net :)


The magic of drawing

I'm getting (very slowly) back to blogging and drawing. This short film is just the right film.
She is my Muse.
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