What I am doing now...

What I am doing now : Halloween project

This image is a little out of focus , sorry. It's a nighttime photo shooting which I'm not very good at.

I generally don't work on computer at night because the neon light hurts my eyes. But since I am going to be busy with my work again, I'm afraid I couldn't do this at daytime. Making things at night once in a while shouldn't hurt too much, I hope.

After making several items for my shop I found that the difficult part of this work is to figure which format I would like my drawings to be in. There's so many thing to consider. I love making cards but it seems that having various kinds of paper goods should be a good idea and I'm beginning to enjoy it too :-)

For this drawing set, I'm still thinking whether I should make it a sticker sheet or a cut-out sheet for scrapbook.
Hmm...I'm still pretty slow on deciding things ;-P

What do you think?


new illustration; baby bathing

baby bath

Still thinking what I should name this little cute illustration. Any ideas?


New listings! Orange Girl note cards and gift tags

orange girl note card on MerryDay Etsy

orange girl tags on MerryDay Etsy

New listings! I spent 2 whole days making these listings featuring my original illustration, the Orange Girl!. Actually, I drew the orange girl last year with big starry eyes. I picked it up again and made her look simpler and cuter ^-^ I really like drawing fruits because their different shape and form and colors make it fun to draw. And fruits always mean something nice too: fresh, colorful, seasons or abundance, you name it.

Have you noticed that we are almost always drawn to whatever featuring colorful fruits? Like book covers with orange photo or illustration on it or brands that have something fruity in their name. I guess it's because fruit is universal and easy connection. and to me it has something that say 'cute' to me, I don't know how to explain that. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing these although I was a bit tired and sleepy today. Let me talk about the listings for a sec. The first one is a set of flat note cards, orange girl on top and my hand writing says 'have a merry day' on bottom. These come with envelopes.

The second one is a set of cute circle gift tags. The hard part for this item is cutting the printed paper into beautiful perfect round. I'm still figuring out how to make it easier and most perfect. I guess it just needs practice unless I can find some practical cutting tool (I had one but it's not quite working for these tags).

It took like forever before I could get photos as I wanted them to be. I'm quite happy with the results, are you?

Interested to support my creativity? Here are the links to my shop. Remember it's still FREE SHIPPING and FREE BOOKMARK!

Orange Girl Flat Note Cards

Orange Girl Gift Tags

Thank you for coming and please comment, I want to hear what you think! ^-^


reshooting the Tulip Girl


I have to say the Tulip Girl photos I posted yesterday was really bugging me. I mean I kept seeing the white area especially the part of her dress being washed out. Luckily I figure out now how to adjust my camera to work properly. I just make my camera's monitor a bit darker, as simple as that. I think this image looks much better maybe because the previous blue background looks too reflecting (it's a glossy sticker sheet I used) I like this red background better. What do you think?

I tried taking several shots to test what adjustment should be best, including this birthday girl mini card. She might be my next listing. :-)

upcoming birthday girl mini card

Thank you for coming and saying nice thing about my girls. It really pushes me to create more ^-^


New listing : my Tulip Girl blank card!


Today I proudly present my latest illustration. You saw my sketch and my cutting already and now it's the final one!

I have to say I didn't plan to draw this illustration for sale at first. Just a quick sketch while I was working on something else. I like when some meaningless drawing lines bring out rough sketch and then an idea forms itself in me. It makes me think of how I will make this quick sketch into something wonderful (I kinda fall in love with this words lately...Something wonderful...sounds nice, isn't it? :-)

This brown paper is my favorite material. It may looks too ordinary but I like the soft touch and it gives the feeling of coziness. I like printing color drawings on brown paper too. It gives my illustrations nice different touch but I didn't do it with my Tulip Girl because she needs to have beautiful red color bright and happy ^-^

I also took some time in photo shooting. Finding good props is not so hard as adjusting light to make it bright. I have a lot of dark images and I wonder how a lot of bloggers get their photos so bright and beautiful. This time I have the help of my reading lamp and some adjustment in Photoshop. I think I still have problems with white area, it looks a bit blurry to me. What do you think?

I really love this card but if anyone wants her to help gardening, I don't mind letting her go! ;-)

If you think you love this girl, I say it's the right time now to have it as FREE SHIPPING period is still on ^-^

You can find this card in my shop here:


Thanks for coming and have a merry day!


work in progress: the Tulip Girl

I colored my little Tulip Girl today and it's on its way to my shop. This time I printed the girl out on my usual canvas paper and die-cut then pasted it on brown paper making it a greeting card. The cutting and gluing was tricky part and I did it nervously. I can only show the cutting step because my camera's battery suddenly ran out and I took this pic with my cell phone, which is not so good. Sorry :-P

Anyway, I have already finished my lovely card. Can I say it's so adorable? :-)
Can't wait to show it tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting and wherever you are, have a merry day!


sketch of another merry girl

Sketching this while I should have been working :-P This will be fun for coloring but better finish my work first!


Little Merry Girl

A quick draw before start working today.
Hope she can make you smile :-)


My Simplicity Flowers set is on a Treasury ;-)

I love when I wake up in the morning and find something nice in my mailbox :-). This morning Jen from BeadWire is kind enough to tell me that she has just included my Simplicity Flowers set on her Treasury ^-^

Thanks Jen!


The Sketchbook Project 00

The Sketchbook project01

I was pretty bored that day. Everything was so gloomy and annoying. Then I found this sketchbook in my mailbox and I knew I would have less time to be bored.

This sketchbook doesn't come for free. You have to participate in this project It comes like this, you order a book then choose a theme (mine is A Day in the Life) and wait...wait...wait until the book arrives to your mailbox. That's the starting point of your creative journey, or so I hope. Draw, write, paint or construct anything as you like as long as it can be folded up nicely in the original size. Then pack and mail your journey to the project guys and they will take your book on tour. Pretty nice, isn't it?

My main goal for this project is to push me to draw more, to think more and hopefully to give myself a boost in creativity. It has a chance of ending up the most lousy sketchbook as much as the greatest one. Whatever it may turn out, I'm enjoying it already :-)

Click on the image below to check out their site if you are interested.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011


I Like : WaterstoneJewelry and her giveaway!

Apart from searching for cute pretty drawings on Etsy, I, like other girls, also love browsing nice bags and accessories. I just found this shop WaterStoneJewelry a couple of weeks ago and already love visiting her blog where she posts nice and big photos of her items and stuffs. She also has nice tutorial section too.

Above is her latest giveaway. Check it out here
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