New listing : my Tulip Girl blank card!


Today I proudly present my latest illustration. You saw my sketch and my cutting already and now it's the final one!

I have to say I didn't plan to draw this illustration for sale at first. Just a quick sketch while I was working on something else. I like when some meaningless drawing lines bring out rough sketch and then an idea forms itself in me. It makes me think of how I will make this quick sketch into something wonderful (I kinda fall in love with this words lately...Something wonderful...sounds nice, isn't it? :-)

This brown paper is my favorite material. It may looks too ordinary but I like the soft touch and it gives the feeling of coziness. I like printing color drawings on brown paper too. It gives my illustrations nice different touch but I didn't do it with my Tulip Girl because she needs to have beautiful red color bright and happy ^-^

I also took some time in photo shooting. Finding good props is not so hard as adjusting light to make it bright. I have a lot of dark images and I wonder how a lot of bloggers get their photos so bright and beautiful. This time I have the help of my reading lamp and some adjustment in Photoshop. I think I still have problems with white area, it looks a bit blurry to me. What do you think?

I really love this card but if anyone wants her to help gardening, I don't mind letting her go! ;-)

If you think you love this girl, I say it's the right time now to have it as FREE SHIPPING period is still on ^-^

You can find this card in my shop here:


Thanks for coming and have a merry day!


  1. She's lovely! I don't have much photo advice, sorry... I spend ages adjusting the colours of mine in Photoshop!

  2. That's OK Jesse. I guess we will learn along the way of practicing. :-)

    Thanks for coming! I'm going to post a card to you tomorrow!

  3. What a sweet illustrations. Very cute and lovely colours too!

  4. wow! it looks great! *going to see your etsy page* i'm your new follower! thanks for your nice comment on my blog!!

  5. She looks BEAUTIFUL on the brown card base. I love everything about this!

  6. This is so cute and whimsical! I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog and creations and I'm glad I found it!

  7. How beautiful! Tulips are my favorite. :)


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