New listings! Orange Girl note cards and gift tags

orange girl note card on MerryDay Etsy

orange girl tags on MerryDay Etsy

New listings! I spent 2 whole days making these listings featuring my original illustration, the Orange Girl!. Actually, I drew the orange girl last year with big starry eyes. I picked it up again and made her look simpler and cuter ^-^ I really like drawing fruits because their different shape and form and colors make it fun to draw. And fruits always mean something nice too: fresh, colorful, seasons or abundance, you name it.

Have you noticed that we are almost always drawn to whatever featuring colorful fruits? Like book covers with orange photo or illustration on it or brands that have something fruity in their name. I guess it's because fruit is universal and easy connection. and to me it has something that say 'cute' to me, I don't know how to explain that. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing these although I was a bit tired and sleepy today. Let me talk about the listings for a sec. The first one is a set of flat note cards, orange girl on top and my hand writing says 'have a merry day' on bottom. These come with envelopes.

The second one is a set of cute circle gift tags. The hard part for this item is cutting the printed paper into beautiful perfect round. I'm still figuring out how to make it easier and most perfect. I guess it just needs practice unless I can find some practical cutting tool (I had one but it's not quite working for these tags).

It took like forever before I could get photos as I wanted them to be. I'm quite happy with the results, are you?

Interested to support my creativity? Here are the links to my shop. Remember it's still FREE SHIPPING and FREE BOOKMARK!

Orange Girl Flat Note Cards

Orange Girl Gift Tags

Thank you for coming and please comment, I want to hear what you think! ^-^


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