New on MerryDay : set of 2 little ColorCute flat notecards

little-cutie-flat-note02, originally uploaded by pilarcat.


My latest listing on Etsy. I just did these this morning. Digitally drawn from my little doodles in my sketchbook.

I'm not tired of my cute drawing yet, always enjoy doing it, but I wonder, since I haven't had any sale on my shop yet, I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm stuck with my cute girls too much? May I have to draw something more universal like flowers or birds? That would be no problems though. I always like drawing flowers. The key may be that I need to make it unique and look my style.

Flowers will be my next listing's topic. (And I know I need to promote my shop more also)

Thanks for stopping by, whoever you are :-)


MerryDay shop is open again!

pink_flatecard01_b, originally uploaded by pilarcat.

After a long vacation, MerryDay shop is up again!
Please meet my simple but cute little pink girl flat card.


I have been struggling with making perfect pictures for my shop and then I realized that it just gave me stress and no fun at all so from now on I will have fun with my drawings, be relaxed as much as I can and hopefully it will show in my work and my products, so that it will be true MerryDay for me. :-D

Thanks for stopping by!

doodle no.23

doodle no.23, originally uploaded by pilarcat.

I'm glad when I can draw something illogical and playful. :-D


doodle 20

doodle 20, originally uploaded by pilarcat.

It seems that I can't get myself out of drawing big-hat girls :-P Just enjoy it very much.


illustrated book covers


Apologies for the long absence. I won't say any excuses except that it's all my fault for neglecting this blog for so long.

I don't have any drawing to show today. These book covers are what I did a couple of months ago. They are series of Japanese-teaching text books and since the covers are illustration focus, I think it's appropriate to post in this blog.

Generally, my book cover design would look more graphic. but it has been getting more and more illustration-oriented lately. It's more work on details and time-consuming on each piece but I feel it has more charm and style.

I enjoyed doing these illustration pieces very much :-) You can click on the images to see the bigger version in Flickr.

By the way, my MerryDay shop is still on vacation. It will be open again when I'm ready. Thanks for stopping by!
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