Welcome to MerryDay's Little Tea Party!


Would you like a cup of tea? With milk or just sugar? Come sit with me :-)

I don't know about you but, to me, the word 'tea time' does give me some sense of happiness, almost romantically We don't have tea time in Thailand. I guess we just have coffee time which has changed into something quite different since Starbucks came. But that's another story. Today we are going to have cups of tea, shall we?

I did this Tea Time Duo Mini Flat Notecard Set by beginning with this original drawing of the Tea Hatter. Then came the Teacup Girl. After that I dropped these two characters for a while. Now they are back with these little yummy cake girls.


A cup of tea, a piece of roll cake or a slice of strawberry shortcake while chatting with friends, what more do you want for a happy afternoon? :D

I think you can tell how much I enjoyed making this little tea time set. They are all available on my shop. I will be very happy if you just stop by and take a look :D

Thanks for coming. I wish you have a merry day and maybe a little cup of tea?


  1. Sweet! Yes, let's have tea! Very happy designs.

  2. Your new designs are so sweet and I just love the coloring in this set! Also, the paper for the cards looks so rich and lovely!

  3. Thanks you all!

    Yes, I love the paper too, Sara. It's egg-shelled paper, slightly textured and it gives a very nice personal touch! :-)

  4. thank you for the tea, it is delicious :-) and the cards are sooo lovely! Very pretty designs and colors. And thank you for your sweet comment on creJJtion!
    love, Maaike


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