Yellow Swirl on White or Brown


This little flower design comes from one of my doodles a year or so ago. Before opening my shop on Etsy, I had a hard time finding my own style. It took me some time to finally learn that I love drawing curve lines, something whimsical and swirly like this. I usually let my mind blank first when I put the tip of pencil on paper. Then just let the lines flow. Sometimes it ends up in something nonsense and no good for design. Sometimes the lines turn out very nice and I begin to think of next steps.

There are some times too that the original sketches in pencil which look really cool at first turn out very lame in final production. It depends...

As for this swirly flower, I printed the illustration on white paper first. It looked nice just as I expected. Then I wondered how it would look on brown paper, so I tried. Some says the one on white pops out more than the one on brown.

As the creator, I have to say I like them both. What do you think? Do you like this design on white or brown?

You can find these mini letter sets on my Etsy shop here:

Yellow Swirl Flower White mini letter set

Yellow Swirl Flower Brown mini letter set



  1. You have such a knack for happy designs.

  2. wow. you've got an amzing blog.
    I'm following (back?)

  3. I really like your drawings!
    I'm following you, follow me back?
    Love, Swaen

  4. This one is lovely in every way. I've always found your line quality to be beautiful, so it's neat to hear you talk about that! Whether you are doing illustrations or typography, it is always gorgeous and flowing!

  5. Thank you so much everyone.

    I love looking at your drawings too. You have such a sweet and unique style :D


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