Honey & Lemon for You

honey & lemon for you

Doodling while working :) The pink flower does not really relate to honey or lemon. I'm just having a coughing symptom now. So annoying :-(


  1. Wauw, I like the drawing. It is just so real! Like your way of drawing words in it :)
    Love, Swaen

  2. honey and lemon! this is what i drink when my throat hurts! i boil small qty of water and mix it with natural lemon and honey! :-)
    get well soon!

  3. cough cough cough, i suffered from coughing very much for almost three weeks after getting fever. very annoying...

  4. Thanks everyone. I did have honey and lemon plus some medicine and a good sleep last night. It's nice to know that the coughing was gone when I woke up this morning! :D

  5. Pavinee
    Sounds like a nice drink. :). Nice pice, so whimsical, so happy, Have a nice weekend, Ev


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