365 days I draw (day 1: night)


Those who have been here before might have known that I participated in an art challenge called AEDM2010 and did a whole book of The Sketchbook Project 2011. These two things made me focused on drawing for some time. Now I have to say I miss the feeling of waking up in the morning and have a habit of searching for ideas to draw. It has something to do with pride too. When you finish something even the smallest ones each day, you feel proud and useful somehow.

Then I came across a post of Stephanie's about daily doodles challenge and I thought it's time for another challenge to get me back to drawing habit. So, here it is my '365 days I draw' challenge!

I will try to stick to topics as much as I can but may not be able to post it here everyday. I already promised to myself though that I will make it my everyday habit to draw. The goal is to help me focus more on my art and learn to get me out of the box, to constantly think in creative way.

And here is my very first drawing. The topic, which I follow Stephanie's, is 'night'


However, after I finished drawing this, I realized I still did the same thing as I had done before. I need to learn more about creating stories and working on backgrounds. So I did another sketch here :


This may look a bit strange but I drew this based on the initial drawing and tried creating a sentence to make a story which is "She dances with the Star in the night of shining moon"

What do you think of my two sketches? I enjoy doing this and just hope I can make it through the whole project!


  1. They are both charming! I'm a sucker for stars and the Moon!

    A great challenge. Best of luck!


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