MerryDay's Christmas design set


So, It's December already. The month of celebration, the month of thinking about the past and planning for the future. It seems to me though that December is actually a pause period for working. Everybody is busy thinking about parties, gifts and family reunion. I especially love the cool breeze in the morning and the sky looks clearer and more beautiful than in other seasons :)

And good weather really affects my mood for art :D Above is a gift card designed for MerryDay's Christmas card set. The illustration is actually a blown-up version of my Christmas Girl's hat which I drew last year.


Last year I did this girl as an e-card and postcards for my friends, didn't make it for sale but this year I'm still in love with her, so how about making her a small gift card ? and since I cannot find small envelope, I also make its envelope by hand with kraft paper :)


I love making things in set, making Christmas Girl gift tags seems like a good idea :) I love the red wine and pumpkin orange ribbon, don't you?


As if it's not enough... sometimes designing stationery set is like a game for me, I can keep on thinking about it, make it big, make it grow... Here another tag design, Red M and snowman Christmas gift tags :) Just love the red Christmas color! My friend told me that the letter M looked cute and reminded her of cookies. it's just like a compliment somehow :D

All of these Christmas items are available now on  my shop. I enjoy making this design set. Hope you love them too!



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