Butterfly Girl Sketch


Initial sketch for my new drawing collection. This is in a quite slow progress as I do it along with updating my web site. This style may look quite different from what I have done so far for my shop. It's not new to me though. I have drawn similar girls since I first started my art study.


This is the very first drawing I did when I applied for art school. The original one is hand drawn on a large drawing sheet (not sure where it is now), then I drew it again on computer. Since it's done digitally and I had limited knowledge of Illustrator program's function at the time, the drawing looks so dry to me now.


Here is another one. I think I did this for Illustration Friday on the topic of 'Mysterious' some years ago. I did some more of this style after that. Then I dropped it.

Now I find that I still enjoy sketching this kind of drawing and I think it would be great if I can incorporate this with my current sketching style. So, I'm working on it now.

Let's see what I can come up with :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a creative day! :D


  1. ชอบรูปที่สองค่ะ น่ารักๆ ^______^

  2. ชอบเหมือนกันค่ะ แต่รู้สึกว่ามันแข็งไปหน่อย ถ้าวาดมืออาจจะดูซอฟต์ลง :-)

  3. Wow! So beautiful! Can't wait to see more.
    What colours are you going to use??

  4. hmmm... the third one, i may not think that is your work if you don't say

  5. ๋Jen,
    I'm still thinking about colors :-)

    Tango Chow,
    That's interesting. Not sure what you think but I guess it doesn't have the element of cuteness? :-)

  6. Beautiful! The lines on the leaves and florals are wonderfully done!

  7. I love your butterfly girl and those old drawings. So lovely! Can't wait to see how you'll integrate your styles. I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  8. love them, especailly the first with butterfly head. I see beauty of nature in these drawings - free and easily welcoming.

    I never think of drawing in terms of the type of styple but I can see what you mean.

    have a lovely day.


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