colorcute series 1: Merry Winter

OK! Here's the color version of the previous post. To tell you the truth, I'm pretty nervous posting this up as I already agree with Masha that sometimes it's hard to keep the quality of the original sketch when adding colors. Actually, I changed the eyes too as it seemed too plain to have just two tiny dots on the face.

The difficult part is choosing colors. I want to have the feeling of fresh, cool winter and warmth at the same time. Do I succeed in this? Tell me.

I think I've got the idea of cool/warm winter from the current weather here in Bangkok. If you stayed in Bangkok, I bet you wouldn't count it as winter. The temperature here drops just a tiny bit and it may seem like spring or even summer in some western countries. The difference is that around this time, the sky will be clear, the air has fresh scent and you have warm breeze from time to time. It's the time that we keep eyes on pretty scarfs or sweaters hoping to wear them even just for a few weeks. Yes, winter season here in Bangkok is that short. I think the longest I have ever been is about three weeks!

Anyway, I named this illustration Merry Winter, what do you think?

And just so you know, my postcards giveaway is still open!


  1. this is so sweet and I like the warm cozy colors

  2. Thanks Amy :-) The background is originally blue but I like this pale pink better.

  3. Thanks for your message on my blog, this illustration is lovely.


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