Yellow Duck Round tag ( and I'm back :-)

Yellow Duck round tag

It's a relief that I finally completed all my work project in time without so much problems. Well, there were some fuss about editing artwork before sending out for printing but it's just common problems for book design work, I guess.

Hmm...I don't know what I should write on this blog right now. My life in the past weeks seemed all about work. It's a bit surprising that I could finish reading 2 books during the time though. I got really stressed with the works and, besides sleeping, reading was the only way I could escape. I wish I could draw but I felt like I used up all my creative energy with my day work so at night I enjoyed other people's creativity instead :-)

There was a horrible moment during the weeks though. I think people from all over the world are praying for Japan right now. It's really a horrific news especially when I watched the tsunami washing away the city, not knowing where my sister, who was on a trip in Japan, was at the time. It turned out that, luckily, she was in the tsunami warning area but not the major one where the catastrophe struck hard. She's back home now, safe and sound but we still feel so sad about what happened over there. Just hope that Japan will recover from this hard time very soon.

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you that I have just added my new items on MerryDay shop The Yellow Duck round tag is my favorite. You can take a look at the details here:

Yellow Duck Round gift tags

Thanks for coming. Have a merry day :-)


  1. I am glad your sister is safe!
    Your tags are adorable :)


  2. Congratulations on finishing your project! Your new duck tags are adorable as wel.

    It is terrible what happened in Japan. I'm so glad your sister is safe.

  3. Glad that your sister is ok and back home safely.

    Those duckies are so sweet!

  4. it's terrifying how japan got hit with triple tragedies! thank goodness your sister is safe!

    amazing how you managed to squeeze in two books while working! it's been months and i have yet to finish "eat pray love!" i'm getting there...the author is already in bali! hehe.

    cute ducks!

  5. How wonderful to hear that your sister is safe and well - that is a big answer to prayer for you! We will continue to pray for Japan - all our love from here in the U.K.


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