Blog Parade and the history of MerryDay

Today is Blog Parade day! It's a blog hop project initiated by Linda Tieu. The idea is for us, Make Art That Sells class fellow students, to get together and post on our blogs on the same day. Then we link to each other and kind of parade through all of them.  I get to know more people and you will get to know more wonderful artists too :D

Since, there will be new people coming here, I think it's appropriate to let them and you, my readers, learn more about me and my work. I remember writing the history of my drawings years ago. The post is about my drawing style development.  It was in year 2009 and I ended the post saying that I didn't feel like I found my obvious style yet. Now is 2013, after practicing drawing and learning, I think I have reached what I can call my own style finally. This post is about how I come to be MerryDay today.
MerryDay first drawing collection
My very first collection of MerryDay design.

So, after I wrote the the history of my drawings, I decided to open my Etsy shop a few months later,  in January 2010.  The move is a combination of my cleverness and stupidity. The clever part is that I had thought about opening a shop since 2007 but never got enough confidence to do it. To finally start something even if you were not ready is what I have been grateful for because everything needs a beginning. If I hadn't opened the shop, my art would never have got a chance to be as it is today. The stupid part is that I didn't devote enough time to create new designs and promote them. I sold a few items and decided to put the shop on hold.

MerryDay collection in 2010

But it's always on my mind, I have a feeling that if I really put my heart on it, the shop should work. During the time I spent my time drawing and updating my work process on my facebook page. The page was set up to promote the shop at first but it gains followers by my daily drawings and especially my 365 days I draw project.

This is the 100th drawing of my 365 days I draw project. I have managed to 130 drawings so far. You can look at the whole collection on this flickr set

Having MerryDay Page and doing 365 days I draw are second best things I have done. I got a lot of encouragement from my page followers and I develop ways of thinking and drawing style I really enjoy through 365 days I draw. Then, from that project, I created a new drawing collection, made them into cards and stationery design and opened my etsy shop again.

MerryDay shop reopened in April 2013

My current drawing style. MerryDay Notebook, My Peace. Also available as personalized bookplates

So, this is my MerryDay story. I'm still learning and improving my design and my shop. They say that art style constantly changes as you grow. I don't know how my work will look like next year or years to come but right now I'm enjoying my work and always feeling happy with my order packaging time :D

Thanks for coming. Now that you have learn more about me, you may want to know more and be inspired by new artist?

Just hop over to my friend, Molly blog, won't you? :

Have a merry day!


  1. I love your drawings.. and the 365 project looks amazing all together..:)

    1. Thank you Trina. It's really helpful project :D

  2. I just love your illustrations! They are so darling and always put a smile on my face! You are amazing and I hope that one day I can be as good and popular as you!! hee hee :)

    1. Thank you Alexandra :D I have so many things to improve.
      I think you are already popular :D

  3. great post. I like seeing the thinking that goes on behind the scenes. I can totally relate!

    1. Thank you Feral. I'm glad I write about behind the scenes. It helps me look back through my thinking process :D

  4. Wonderful,Pavinee! You have always been working hard,and I really enjoy seeing your grow as an fine artist. Keep up the wonderful work! ^_______^ Happy creating!

  5. your illustrations are SUPER cute and loved learning a bit of your story! I know what you mean by needing to devote much time when opening a shop - totally agree! And WOW your 365 days of drawings... AMAZINNNGGG... what an accomplishment! Yay!

    1. Thank you Linda. It seems that while you are learning about me, I'm also learning about myself too :)


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