A day with creative energy


I have so many things to tell here but just too tired. I can only say that each day of my life right now is full of creative energy and I love it :D If you miss my work, I update my facebook page and instagram everyday. Hope to see you there :)



  1. I hear ya ;) I was sure I updated my blog last week but nooooo, it was like two weeks ago :D
    I'm glad IG and FB are easier to update ;)

  2. Hi Pavinee! Yes, I've been very slacky on the blog-reading and writing department too! :-) I have to say I really love how you work more with watercolor lately, this suits your lovely drawings very well en gives even more liveliness and feeling to them,

  3. these are lovely, I especially like the colors used.

    p.s. I'm listing your esty shop as one of a giveaway & I hope that's okay.

    hope you have a great day.


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