Have a merry year!


Happy New Year! :D

The first day of the year always gives me the feeling of a fresh start although I will still do what I have done last year.  But this year may be different. In fact, I have to make it different!

Making New Year's resolutions is a bit scary when make it publicly. I set my resolution every year and hardly accomplished it. It's a shame but I never stop setting it again. I think it's just the way of living. You have to have something to look forward to, to hold on so that you won't feel empty or lost... My resolution this year is just the same. To draw more, create more and to make it a business. The last thing is what I just added.  I have never been confident enough to believe that I could earn a living by my drawing. Let's see how far I can get with my goal :)

Have a merry year everyone! :D

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