make it happen


I know I have been talking about my time management problem like forever.  I pity myself sometimes but there's nothing I can do except to keep trying and trying.

Last year I took 2 courses that taught me one major thing. That is if you want to make your own business working, self-discipline is the key. This doesn't mean I'm a slacker. If I am, I won't be able to maintain my freelance job for years already. My problem is that I never considered my etsy shop as my job. This, I just realize.  I always thought I could manage my freelance job along with making things for my shop. It turned out that my shop fell into my secondary things. I stopped making art when my day job was too busy and never attempted to make it a habit to create constantly. I never devoted myself to my shop :(

One of my friends told me that I had a potential but lack of diligence and seriousness. It all comes from my attitude. So, this year I switch my priority. I cannot see myself as a freelancer in ten years to come but I can see myself as an owner of a shop. I have to make it happen!

This post seems like a pledge. I do hope I can make it happen :)


  1. Great post and a great reminder to keep going with creative goals. Good luck with yours!


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