MerryDay Goes to School : week 1 assignment vintage kitchen pattern design


Here is the main assignment for Make Art That Sells week 1. The topic is designing vintage kitchen pattern. We spent time drawing and researching mushrooms and pyrex to warm up and then here comes this assignment.

I really enjoyed drawing these little things and realized how much I loved doing details. It seems that recently I tend to rush myself in doing each illustration that I didn't pay enough attention to making details. I should remind myself constantly that what I like to see in other people's work (details, interesting color palette and composition) should be in my work too :)

The class has been a great experience for me and it's only the first week! :D What I love most is facebook community there. Everyone is so eager to create and generous to share what inspires them. I'm glad I eliminated the feeling of competition just in time before other students started sharing their works. You cannot work well on your own way if you keep looking at and comparing with other great works. Without that feeling, I really enjoy doing my piece while letting myself be inspired by other's.

This final design came out just as I wanted it to be even though there's a point of repetition that I can't figure out how to do it properly yet but this could be learned along the way. I especially like my color palette which derived from one of my previous sketches.

mushroom sketch

The original sketch has fluorescent look of yellow, purple and pink. I managed to have the yellow and purple but couldn't make pink glow as I would like. This palette looks a bit different from what I did for MerryDay but I think it still conveys the feeling of happiness and merriment which is my main concept and I'm so happy with that :D

One of my friends said that this could look great as a scarf, the other said she would love to see it on kitchen wallpaper. There are all the possibilities to make my art into various kind of products and it excites me :D

But just like Lilla said 'great art is the best promotion'. I need to make my art great and this is a good time to learn and use my time wisely to make that happen :)

Thanks for stopping by. I will continue sharing my class progress here. Please come back. I'm so sorry that I couldn't reply your comments and visit back your blogs right away but I will do. I think you know I appreciate every comment :)







  1. I really love your work here Pavinee, the first pattern is beautiful and works so well. I agree too that the colour palette is great and the details lovely. I particularly love the yellow pattern too - so happy and uplifting.
    Your course seems to be going well so far and i'm looking forward to seeing more pieces soon so keep sharing! Enjoy x

    1. Thanks so much Rachel :D The color palette just came out of the blue but it really caught my eyes and others' so I decided to go with it and so happy that it turns out so great :D LOve the yellow pattern too!

  2. Oooh, I love your little paintings on the kraft paper - the colors really pop! Your final pattern turned out so well - your attention to detail was superb! Can't wait to see more of your work.

    1. Thank you Emily. I took a peek at your blog and really like your posts there, need to find time to read in details.
      LOve your work too. Happy colors :D

      I'm so glad I meet you and others in our class. Such an inspiring community :D


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