MerryDay goes to school ♪

This is me preparing for school days
So, I have been away, trying to clear my work and figuring out how to work best on drawing new collection while promoting my shop at the same time. Unfortunately, a terrible artist's block just got in the way and slowed things down :(

But it's all gone now :D. What helps it is the fact that I'm going back to school! Not an actual one but an e-course called Make Art That Sells by Lilla Rogers. I think I learned about Lilla Rogers Studio via Kelly Rae Roberts' blog (another inspiring artist to follow) and have been following her since then. When Lilla announced this e-course, I was so thrilled and although I was a bit worried that the school's cost would be too high for me, I decided to jump in anyway. Just had a feeling that this would be a great part for my future :)

I have been thinking about my career for some time, for years actually. My work so far has been mostly about book, cover and layout design and some spot illustrations. It's not long before I discovered I enjoyed looking at all wonderful illustration on the web. I began to draw more everyday to improve my illustration skill until I found a style I thought I could call my own.

But it's really just a beginning. There's so much out there I need to learn. I read blogs and books and have just finished Lilla's I Just Like to Make Things, just in time before the class starts.

I just like to make thing - lilla rogers

The book is really easy to read and straightforward. I wish it had more details in each business and interviews. But, in all, Lilla answers most of the questions I have had in mind and I'm even more inspired and eager to learn more from the class :D

The school starts on June 3 which I think in any minutes now while I'm writing this. The school team is really wise to open a facebook group a couple of days before to let students get acquainted with each other. We are such a large group with different stages in art career but with one common thing--a passion to create. That makes the group so fun and inspiring.

I spent last weekend cleaning up my work desk and even cleared out my mood board, leaving blank space for new inspirations. I hope I will see improvement after the class and it should be fun to record my progress here on this blog.

So, MerryDay is going to school! Wish me luck :D



  1. Congratulaions Pavinee!! How cool is that? I hope you really enjoy it and i'm sure it'll be worth every penny. Today is June 3rd so I hope your course got off to a great start! Have fun x

    1. Yes! It's so much fun, I'm inspired everyday :D

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you decided to share your new adventure Pavinee! I'll be following closely! ;)


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