My very first ATC


My very first ATC swap for a friend in Slovenia. The theme is VIVID.
I have known about ATC for years but didn't join in any group as I didn't know anyone.
Facebook brought me such a great opportunity to make friends online. I met a group
of lovely artist people and they kindly let me join in a wonderful sketchbook project
which I cannot show here yet. It's kind of our little secret until it's all done ;)
I enjoy the group so much that when this ATC group created by one of the group members
opened, I just jumped right in!

And I do have fun. This card is drawn and painted with markers on brown card paper.
There will be different theme for each month. I think I have to try new medium as much
as I can, to learn something new and have fun. Next topic is OWL. I wonder how
my owl will look like...

It's really nice to meet like-minded people across the world, isn't it?

Thanks for coming and have a merry day!


  1. Your ATC is absolutely darling! I LOVE LOVE this. So glad to see visit you again. You've been missed!! :)

    I'm at a new blog, and it's still easy to visit and leave comments. www.bluechairdiary.com/blog/

    I'm also having a SUPER giveaway! :D

    1. Hi Alexandra. Thanks for coming :D I'm following you on facebook. Always enjoy seeing your art. Inspire me. Going to your new blog now ;)

  2. Lovely :) Glad you're enjoying ATC fun! I agree totally, the net is such a wonderful way to meet and make new friends and find creative inspiration. Look forward to seeing your owl, mines nearly finished.

  3. It's totally awesome to meet like minded people no matter where, on-line or off-line. The latter can be better for the chance of creative meet-ups but one can't be too picky ;) I really like your card and am looking forward to seeing the owl you'll make!


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