MerryDay Goes to School : Make Art That Sells Bootcamp 2015

I'm going to school again! If you have read this blog long enough (at least since 2013) you may remember that I took an online design course, Make Art That Sells in 2013. The course focused on design, illustration and art business. I learned so much from the class and always thinking about it. (You can read my class experiences on the topic of MerryDay Goes to School in this blog) This year, I decided to take the class again, not the full course but the mini one called MATS Assignment Bootcamp. This Bootcamp focuses on monthly assignments in which the students receive brief of an assignment at the beginning of the month and they have the month to complete it. It is different from the full intensive course as we can work at more relaxed paces but with the same energetic atmosphere in the class group :)

Each assignment starts with the mini which is a topic of drawing and sketching to ease us in the main assignment in the following week. This January's mini is 'Edwardian brooches'. This is quite challenging but when I searched for the keyword in Pinterest, all the gorgeous design just took my breath away. I'm not a jewelry wearer, it just looks too luxurious for me but I love looking at each design closely. Like all forms of art, jewelry design are mostly based on nature, organic shapes and geometric forms. It's fun to look at all the details and try to capture them into drawings. I enjoyed sketching these and felt in love with each design I found on Pinterest. Such beautiful shapes and colors! Can't wait to do the assignment next week :D Below are what I have so far. Sorry for the dark images, I'll do better next time :)

And I also have the topic in today's draw everyday project too. Thank you for coming and please come back as I will have many more art projects to share here.

Have a merry day!


  1. VERY fun stuff!! I love your work. Inspires me!

  2. Good luck with your new e-course. I wish I had time to take the class but am already jam-packed this year! Hee I look forward to seeing your new creations and hearing about your journey. :)


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