Year of the Spark : one-line drawings

Last year I took Carla Sonheim's wonderful online class called, Year of the Fairy Tale. I loved it so much that I didn't hesitate to sign up for her new class for this year, Year of the Spark. I had first learned of her name through the Drawing Lab book but didn't think about her work much until I watched her videos of drawing tutorials. I love her smile. She has an aura of Muse that whenever I watch her enthusiastic face, I feel like I want to get a pencil or a brush and work with her :)

Year of the Spark is a collaborative class of 2 mixed media artists, Carla and Lynn Whipple. I don't know much about Lynn yet but she really looks fun in the class introduction video and I'm looking forward to learn more of her work next week.

Mixed media art is not really in my comfort zone. I have graphic design background and generally have clean organized look in my design. However, I feel that my work will look more fun and more attractive if I can be a little more relaxed and play more with paints and paper.

Above are sketches of our first assignment : to do one-line drawings. I actually had a headache when this first assignment was posted and I considered it as an art therapy while doing the homework. I felt fun, relaxed and enjoyed the time I had with marker and paper. Next step is to play more with different medium. I'm going to post it here soon. Below is my draw everyday 179 in which I used the one-line drawing technique. It's not really one line but I tried to lift my hand as little as possible :)

I hope you enjoy what I'm sharing here. Coming more next week :D

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