Some flower design


This pattern may be used in card design. Still thinking how I am going to make it more complete. Maybe some lettering? :-)

Today I bought a new daily planner for the coming year. A very simple one. I think time management and self-discipline will be my keywords for my next year :-)


  1. I love it, and I love how the blue and orange alternate with each row (plus, it's practically mesmerizing if you scroll down)! tehe

  2. So beautiful! I love the colors. I love the shapes. It would make gorgeous fabric.

  3. this makes me smile. i like the clean crisp background and the bright contrasting flowers. probably even more refreshing for me since it has been some grey and rainy lately where i live. thanks for the burst of sunshine!

  4. Makes me think of summer, love it... I hate winter and being cold. It's like a much needed ray of sunshine..


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