Sweet and crunchy bird's nest

kanom (Thai snack)

I found this photo in some old folder. I think I already posted about this on my Thai blog but not on this blog. The balls in the glass are Thai snack called Bird's nest. The orange one is potato and the brownish one is taro, sliced, fried and coated with sugar. It's sweet, crunchy and delicious. If you would like to taste it, you might need to visit my country first ;-)

What I like about this photo is the contrast of the modern glass and the vintage-looking Thai character design. The paper is just a simple label but somehow I found it's quite pretty :-)

It's 9.30 pm now and I feel like reading something before bedtime.
So, whatever time you come and read this, I wish you have a merry day (or night) :-)

PS. Last night I found a helpful post about achieving things that you might be interested :-) Inaction is your enemy


  1. The photo is lovely. And those look so yummy!

  2. Hello and thank you for linking to my post. I am very glad you found it helpful.

    Have a wonderful day!


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