Happy New Year 2011 (and a free calendar desktop :-)

MerryDay January desktop wallpaper

Happy New Year everyone! The rabbit year is welcoming us and I'm pretty sure she will be kind and cute just like my rabbit ^-^

There are so many projects I have noted down for this new year. One thing is definitely the Sketchbook Project 2011 which I haven't completed it yet and there are 15 days left! My Sketchbook fellow, Catherine has just finished her book and I feel so happy for her. What could be happier to complete a project at the end of the year? It makes us more confident and ready to start a new journey at the beginning of the new year, I guess. I envy her :-)

Another thing that I vow that I must make it better is my MerryDay shop. I started the shop on January last year but I admit that I didn't put enough effort to make it live. This year I am going to push myself more. Be more creative, be more disciplined. That's what I try to recite to myself since I did the Art Every Day Month last November

These two projects (Sketchbook Project and Art Every Day) really help me focus and I feel that they have already contributed to my Etsy attempt. My shop still looks the same just now but I have already prepared new items, new look for it. Just have to shoot photos and make new listings :-)

Meanwhile, do you want my January rabbit calendar for your desktop? You can download it here. There are 2 sizes :

1024x687 : pavinees.com/wallpaper/merry_wall01_1024.jpg
1680x1050 : pavinees.com/wallpaper/merry_wall01_1680.jpg


  1. You are so right about the challenges!They really do help to keep us centered creatively!

  2. Happy new year to you!

    Thanks for the calendar!

  3. "The rabbit year is welcoming us and I'm pretty sure she will be kind and cute just like my rabbit ^-^" Love this quote! tehe

    Beautiful calendar. Good luck with your etsy shop, my friend! <3 Happy New Year!

  4. Very cute Pavinee!

    Happy New Year to you! First major task for me to do as well - Finish that Sketchbook Project!!

    6 more pages to go. Posting some completed but not yet posted tomorrow. Hopefully the other 6 very soon!

    Good luck with your Etsy shop!

  5. Thanks for your support and mentioning me in your blog... you will finish your sketchbook... you can do it... I will check in everyday to see your progress...Happy New Year

  6. Happy New Year!!! I found you through CED!


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