I Like : Saralynnart's beautiful drawing

Last month I was so lucky that I won 2 giveaways from 2 inspiring artist bloggers. One is on the way and the other is this lovely postcard pack from Sara Lynn Art a talented illustrator whose hand drawn illustration just captures me :-)

The giveaway includes 3 lovely cards above, among which I like this one the best >>

Look at the stroke details. Amazing, isn't it? I also like the faint red that blends very well with pale gray strokes. This really gives out a sense of a cozy, peaceful night. Outside is cold with falling snow, but with a cup of hot coffee (or chocolate?), she's just happy enough, I think ^-^

Best of all is this charming mini print. She uses this drawing as her avatar and I think I remember her from the beginning because of this unique image.

There are other drawings that I like, such as this one and this one. OK, I think you'd better go to her blog and see for yourself. ^-^

And don't forget to stop by her Etsy shop too!


  1. Wow! Lucky you to have won these. They're just wonderful. My favorite is the same as yours, but I also adore the giraffe. nancy

  2. hehe, lucky you!! Her girl snuggling in the warm blanket sipping on hot chocolate is my favourite too!

  3. You are lucky, I've seen her art before and loved the one of the girl sitting with a hot drink as well. It looks so cozy and inviting.

  4. Such a lucky girl :) Sara lynn does the most beautiful work, so atmospheric and dreamy :)
    Wishing you a happy and magic-filled 2011!

  5. These are gorgeous, lucky girl... hows the sketch book coming...

  6. Awww, thank you so much, Pavinee! I'm so glad you like them. :)

    And wow, your photos are gorgeous. <3 I think you should come to NY and take all of my pictures for me, tehehe!

  7. Thanks for commenting everyone. :-)

    You can just send me airplane ticket and I will fly to you right away! LOL Glad you love my photos. I tried my best to make your work stand out :-)

  8. You are so lucky! To start the new year by receiving SaraLynn's beautiful drawing is great!


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