Sweet me ?

Sweet Me Flower Girl card design

I have been quite busy with my work this week and will be so next week too with the Chinese New Year Day added to it :-). I think what is challenging to me right now is how to balance all the things I want to do (work, Etsy, sketchbook) properly and productively. I try to create at day when there's enough natural light for me to work on computer without stressing my eyes. Communicate at night when I can just sit back and enjoy all the beautiful blogs and sites. I still think I haven't visited and commented all of your blogs often enough though. Will try harder. I love the feeling of commenting and getting feedback. ^-^

I have just added this new illustration card in my shop. It comes from a doodle I drew last November The doodle was done in red and blue lines, which I really like but I also wanted to see the flower in color too :-) I always like pastel pink. The color gives me a feeling of fresh air and sweet moments or rose tea. Something innocently romantic :-)

I think 'Thinking of You' is an appropriate caption for this design, but I like this 'Sweet me' better. It sounds like cute and friendly 'tweet me' :-) What do you think?

You can find my card here : Sweet Me Flower Girl card

It's Saturday already. The weather is a bit cool this morning and I feel like doing nothing all day!

Hmm...this post seems written incoherently, sorry about that. Somehow my head is so foggy that I cannot even take in a good news that comes in my mail this morning :-)

Better get up and do some exercise to clear my head now.

Thanks for coming. I wish you a merry day :-)


  1. Yeah...how to balance things...I'm asking me this every day...My eyes are aching often so I try to relax them as often as possible and to turn off the computer as often as possible.
    I like your illustration cards.

  2. mmmm yes, balance is such a tricky one...not sure I'll ever work it out!
    "sweet me" is gorgeous! And the words goes wonderfully well with the adorable illustration. Love it!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  3. What a sweet design! I love the detail on the flower.

    Bleck... I'm having a hard time balancing as well! I work and my semester at grad school started, so I'm barely fitting in any drawing time. I need to schedule better...

  4. Sweet sweet sweet XD Love the delicate flower petal which kinda resembles the beautiful orchid? hehe

    It's been drizzling for few days and over the weekend in my country. I miss the sun! Hopefully it will be sunny when we celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is coming few days later :)

    Happy Chinese New Year to you!!

  5. stopping by from flourish and so inspired by your beautiful artwork and blog! everything here is just making me smile :)

    thank you!

  6. Sweet Me is a great name! And I love the pink flower.

    Hope you've been able to find some balance!

  7. Hi Pavinee, have missed you popping by...love "Sweet Me" as always very fresh and makes me think of summer.. Happy New Year...

  8. I just came across your blog. Amazing work.

  9. Pavinee,
    I'm just popping over from Flourish to say hi. Your art work is very sweet and fresh. I like the name Sweet Me for your new card.


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