Sweet green beginning?

green apple

This week is a week of Chinese New Year Day. So...Happy Chinese New Year Day! I wish you all good luck, good health and wealth! :-D

These apples are among fruits we have for celebration. The color looks so fresh and 'green'. I guess I could say that it's the color of the new beginning, the color of Spring which I can tell some of you can't wait to meet after such heavy winter :-)

Thanks so much for your comments for my previous post. I'm still struggling with finding my balance. I thought it was my laziness that everything didn't seem to move. But after thinking about it more seriously, I found that I already tried hard to create things. My true problem is time management. I think if I can find my own strategy in managing time, my creative work, for both my work and my shop, should be much much better.

For this problem, I was suggested to use a timer. Set myself some specific time to create for my shop or to promote via twitter or FB each day. It could be 20-30 minutes or an hour that I have to really focus on my creativity and do nothing else. The trick is I have to stop immediately when the timer goes off. That way, I will be more eager to begin again in the following day.

This is not a new idea. I used the timer for a time when I had problems with my eyes. I set the time to remind me to get away from computer every hour to save my eyes. But I forgot to use it constantly :-( Need to make it a habit now!

And I think I need to schedule blog posts in advance too. So that I wouldn't feel guilty when I don't have new post!

How about you? How do you manage your time? I know some of you have full-time job and kids, I am always amazed to see those who can manage successfully with kids running around!

Thanks for coming, I promise to be more disciplined. Poke me if I'm not!:-D


  1. Hi, Pavinee,

    Time is everyones enemy or friend depends....My kids are grown up, so I have more time...I blog or create when I get in from work and stop when Mr Hollywood gets home....I also have about an hour in the morning at before school care...I make the children draw...so I can too...its very calming and I get lots of sketching done..have to say my school kids are starting produce some wonderful stuff...practice practice..what you need is routine...hope this helps

  2. I love the green of those apples Granny Smith's are the best! Finding time is always difficult, I work on my stuff sporadically throughout the day, a little bit here, a little bit there.

  3. I have troubles with time management as well. You're not alone. I do find that setting times for things helps and having a list of priorities for the day and being able to check them off a list is super satisfying. :-)

  4. The colour of GrannySmith's is the best isn't it? I think the smell along with the colour captures spring perfectly. How I wish it was spring here!

  5. Happy new year! (Gorgeous photo, btw! Green apples have always been a favorite of mine.)

    I think I might take your advice on the timer. I'm always getting hand cramps and sore eyes from too much computer and reading time! Gosh, I can't wait to not be a student anymore! lol

  6. Oh tell me about it!

    Balancing time between making a living, doing creative work, and just plain getting through chores and everything else can be tough.

    Your idea of scheduling blog posts is a good one.

    Also - I try to set myself realistic goals with real deadlines, rather than just nagging at myself to "learn the guitar" or whatever!

    I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic year for you.

  7. Agreed with comments above *arrow pointing up*

    I thought I could pull it off handling my job, my family time and my creating time well but baaaaah who knows, I will get tired and need some time off too :) Just that I'm trying not to feel guilty neglecting my blog/shops at some days, trying to persuade myself that I'm too, deserve some rest!

    Still, you'll feel like missing something when you stop creating so I'm hopping back to my wagon now and hopefully will find back my momentum *as hardworking as last year~!*

    Happy Chinese New Year to ya~~~ <3

  8. yummmy looking apples! Happy new year to you too!
    Its so interesting how we all have different ways to try to find balance. My life is the opposite of setting timers, its more about being flexible and grabbing the spare time when it comes, to do what my hearts speaks of most (or which is most pressing) It requires quite a bit of letting go..which i am far from achieving!!
    I hope the timer helps you feel a bit more on top of all the things you want to do! :)xx

  9. There never seems to be enough time. I know I have little blocks of time that I waste doing silly things that I could use more wisely. I think the timer thing might actually work. I seem to get lost in whatever I am doing and it will be hours later and I'll be like where did the time go. At least if there is a timer I will be brought back to reality.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. A tip for your birthday list, I put things on it that I knew were going to happen like the vacations and certain parties. That way, I knew I could cross off a few things.

  10. Love your photo of those apples! (I LOVE granny smiths, so tasty). Time management is such a hard thing. The timer is a good idea and definitely limiting time on the computer. That's where my time often seems to disappear.

    One thing I do to help me with my blog is to just keep a simple list of ideas I want to write about. I add to it as the ideas come to me. That way I'm never at a loss.

    Good luck! And Happy Chinese New Year!


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