Introducing 10 Million Love design collection



Today I have just put some new items on my shop. Not sure if you remember my baby bath illustration I posted last year. This yellow duck comes from that illustration. I fixed some part of the girl's face, make her cuter and put brown background. I think you know how much I love brown paper by now :-).

Then I thought this illustration could be played with. I could make it into a bigger collection. I started this design last year and it took me very looong time to complete with all other things getting in the way. Now I have finished the whole collection.

I proudly present you my very first design collection called '10 Million Love'!.

The wording came to me when I was designing a card for my friend. She wanted a matching stamp sticker to go with the card. So, I put the number 10 on the design as a start and then the words 'million love' just popped in my head. I thought it sounded sweet and simple and I could play with the types very easily too.

I'm so crazy with this design that I actually made 10 items for this collection! I spent my whole last Sunday taking photos of all the items like crazy. I got really exhausted after that!

Right now I have just listed 2 items on my shop. Can't wait to list more but I need to find time in between my book jobs though.

You can see more pictures of this collection but right now I only have 2 items on my shop here:

10 Million Love Gift Card

10 Million Love Sticker Tags

What do you think of this collection? Do you have any stationery items you would like to see in this collection?

I'm very excited with this new design, I hope you do too.
Thanks for coming. I wish you a merry day!


  1. This is really gorgeous! I especially love the postage stamp design - lovely stuff!!

  2. Agreed! The postage stamp design is adorable XD especially with the ducky!

    love the exploration from one item to another! The fun could be endless but oh my god the photograph session is such a pain in the a** XD XD!!! Moreover with the editing @_@ I wish there is one software where I could just click, and all ready for me =p

  3. Fun design, and I love the suggestion, "10 million love"

  4. great design!! 10 million hug to u!! :-D

  5. Adorable. I think the stickers are one of the cutest things you've ever made, and I've seen some pretty darn cute things from you...


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