brown sketch


Hello. How are you today? It's only one day that I didn't blog but it seems I'm quite away from my blog. Don't know why I feel that way.

I am quite busy. Book layout job can take all your time. I almost finish one book and going to start the next. I enjoy doing it but just wish I could speed up my work for my shop too. I think ever since I participated in Art Every Day Month and The Sketchbook Project last year, ideas come to me more smoothly and easily. That's a good thing. I just have to make all ideas into real things.

By the way, I just got mail saying that my sketchbook got there already, those who are in the US please be prepared for the tour and don't forget to see mine!

Also, you can still play with me in One World One Heart giveaway until this Friday. Good luck!


  1. I always enjoy your sketches on brown paper, cool stuff!

  2. Lovely, as always.

    How exciting that you are working on book layout! I hope that it comes along smoothly (if you are allowed, I hope you'll share pictures)!


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