my sketchbook (plus some secrets :-)


No, I haven't forgotten my sketchbook yet. Although it is pretty slow, I'm always thinking about it :-) This week is a good (and busy) week. I have got five shop orders, one book layout and three book covers to manage. Plus two exciting things I have to take care.

One of them I cannot tell you yet because I'm not so sure about it at this moment. I think it could take months to be certain enough to tell the world (and it's possible that this thing will never happen too!) The other thing I think I can tell you as soon as tomorrow :-)

Too many secrets? Here's a hint for the latter: go and read this link. Browse around, enjoy and don't forget to come back here tomorrow!

Thanks for coming. Have a merry day :-D


  1. These all sound so exciting! Good luck with everything!

    I love your image, as always. The text is gorgeous and I really like that bright green color. <3

  2. Very exciting!

    What a cute scene in your sketchbook. I agree about the color and that bit of red, too!

  3. Ohhh Can't wait for you to reveal the secrets! XD

  4. Oh, I really love that drawing - it says it all!!!

  5. What a mysterious post :)
    I love the two chairs, confidentially turned to one another as though sharing a secret.


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