MerryDay Goes to School : what I think about Make Art That Sells Class (part 2)

secret garden plate design detail

Continuing from the previous post about what I think about Make Art That Sells Class, the big question I got from the beginning of the class is :

Do I think the class worth the money?

I have always had positive thoughts for e-classes both before and after class. My rule in life is that you have to accept the result of your own decisions. If the result is good, you are right and lucky. If it's not, it's not worth the time to fuss about what already passed. Learn the lessons and move on, that's what I always tell myself. Like I said in the previous post : Life is getting shorter :)

So, I already thought the class worth the money right from the beginning. Then while the class was progressing I was more confirmed. There are two majors points for this confirmation :

• The class REALLY brought me to focus on my dream path. 
Sometimes you know what your dream is but you just don't know exactly how you will reach your dream. I feel that this class sets practical guidelines for me. Each week we had a specific topic and we started the week with 'mini-exercise' on Monday, which was to draw/paint/experiment anything relating to the topic. Then we set out to do the week's assignment on Wednesday and the deadline for the work would be on Sunday.

One of my friends said that anyone could tell you to draw a lot and set your own guidelines but I think it's not just that. I agree that I can come up with my own commitment to draw everyday and to complete an artwork a week but the hardest part is 'to do it successfully'. This commitment needs to be in an inspiring environment. This leads to my other major point, the student group.

• Being among those who have the same passion really helps you grow in creative journey.
Being a freelancer, I have always worked by myself. My best friend to consult about design or technical issues was the internet and going through creative blocks or depression alone was not really fun. So, I'm so glad to find that fellow students in this class are so generous and supportive. We went through 5 weeks of tough assignments, anxiety and creative blocks together so it's like there's a bond among us, which I think it's hard to find in this virtual world.  Even when the class ended, we are still connecting, sharing and growing into some other sub-topic groups. I realized that this kind of connection is something I have been looking for and now I find it and it becomes one of the reason why I think this class, which brings us together, worth the money :)

There's also one important point for those who are considering taking the next session of this class : we didn't get one-on-one feedback from Lilla in this class. Due to the large amount of students in the class, each week Lilla would pick only15-20 art pieces to review. This is a major point discussed among those who were in class and those who were not. Some of the students are still a bit upset with not getting personal feedbacks and some who are interested in taking the class are hesitating.

As for me, I thought the class would have limited seats and it surprised me a bit that they kept promoting the course even when there were already a lot of students. I didn't expect to have personal feedbacks from Lilla though. I may think differently from others. I just think that getting feedbacks from one person doesn't really help you grow much, especially if that person doesn't have the same taste with you. Even if she or he has the same taste or same style, it's likely that you will become attached to that person and the attempt to please her or him will have a chance to ruin your own style.

I said this from my personal experience. I admired some teachers in my college time and it took me some years of struggling to realize that I was all wrong. The best way to improve your works is to listen to your own like and dislike plus feedbacks from other people, a lot of people, not just one person. Art is a matter of taste. You cannot satisfy the whole world as people really think and see things differently.

That's why I say that being in the student group with different points of view is really worthwhile :)

I think this is all my thought about Make Art That Sells class. In all, taking this class is one of my best decisions and I'm looking forward to learn more in part B which will start this October :)

There's one more thing relating to this course. I participated in Lilla's Global Search Talent. I didn't get in the next round but maybe you still will be interested to see my design?

I will write about it soon. Thanks for coming. Hope this post is helpful for someone.
Have a merry day :D


  1. Yes i'd like to still see your design! i didn't make it to the next round either- but so excited for part B of class!

    1. Me too! Can't wait to learn more and I hope I can apply what I have learned and will learn to my work and improve it :)

  2. As you know, I didn't do the class, but I loved watching you grow. Clearly the class was worth it by what I saw from the outside. I am glad you are continuing on, for yourself as much as for anyone or anything else that might come. Being brave to go "our way" is a wonderful thing, thanks for sharing Pavinee

    1. Thank you Suzi. It's strange that I think I have some kind of inner growth from this class too. It's really something special :)

  3. Pavinee....Thank you so much for sharing your journey with this class with me and all of your viewers. It is indeed priceless for someone like me who couldn't attend. Seeing you growing as an artist,I am so happy for you! You have come so far to be who you are now. I love your positive thinking,and you have always be persisted with your art career. I know that you will reach your dream or I should said that you are living in your dream doing what you love to do. One of my dearest artist friends once told me to not always looking for reaching your dream,rather enjoy every step of the journey. I have been enjoying my creative process every since. I am so sorry to hear that you did not get in the talent search event,but I know that you will shine in your own time! Keep trying and never give up!!! Happy creating!! ^_____^

    1. Thank you Ni :D I have just read a book about happiness. It says that one of the things that make you happy is the feeling of growth. I think how we enjoy every step of our creative process and feel that we are growing each day is already our happiness, no matter if we can reach our dream at the end or not :)

  4. You are so good at assessing what you have gained from this course and sharing what you have learned with us. The comments on learning to listen to yourself and keep others' advice in perspective especially resonated with me. It's so easy to be discouraged by one or two comments, or even lack of comments, when we've produced art we especially like. Good advice to look to many people to help us grow, rather than one or two. Thanks much.

    1. I'm glad my post can be helpful for you Genie. I have learned that from the class and it's one of the things that makes me more focused and calm in working on my own work. The best thing :)


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