ColorCute series 02(rearranged) : The FruityCute

Oh...I skipped doodle a day on Sunday, feeling a bit guilty :-P and I don't even have a fresh sketch for today, double guilty!

Well, at least I spent much of my time working seriously with my Etsy shop. This is a sketch I did at the same time with my Butterbee I have rearranged the illustration pieces in the ColorCute series (six pieces so far). Now each one will have number and specific name to personalize it for fun :-)

This one is simply called 'FruityCute'. The sketch came out of nowhere. I drew the banana on the head first and then the over all picture just popped in my head and my hand began to work. I like when this kind of thing happens, when you don't think of anything special and some nice pictures or design just pops in your head. In most cases, those pictures prove the best. I think relaxation is the most important factor in generating creativity.

Here is the colored version for selling. It's printed on lovely Canvas Inkjet card. I really love the soft touch of the paper!

Since my shop's opening date is just in a couple of days, I decided to post 'behind the scene' of each piece I will have in the shop here. my Butterbee is the first number in the series which I already talked about. This FruityCute is the second.

The ColorCute series 03 will be on the way with doodle a day (I hope I don't skip again :-P)


  1. She's wonderful!!I love her Eye's with the stars in them..heheheh!!Hugs-Cat

  2. Thank you , Cat! It took me some time to finally came up with the starry eyes though :-)

  3. she is so cute and I love the fun bright fruit

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