doodle a day 02

Very tired today but I'm glad that I don't skip this doodle a day as I used to :-) Just simple lines but love the shapes. Flowers and leaves are my favorite subject.


  1. These are so lovely..I am starting to use photobucket and always in search of wonderful brushes...you should charge for these..all of the doodles..why not..I am new to it,but have already visited sites where they charge for the brushes..I think your doodles are just lovely!!Make sure you watermark your work so noone can take them..Sorry,I just love your doodles( :
    Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. Well, I 'm thinking of doing watermark too but afraid that it will ruin the cleanness of the pictures. I think my copyright notice on the sidebar should be enough for now. :-)

    I'm glad that you love my doodles. It makes me want to continue and see how far I could go with this practice!

    Thanks a lot for commenting, Cat :-)


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