getting used to my tablet

After some off-and-on practices with my tablet, I think I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with it now. In fact I really enjoyed drawing this boots, felt like drawing on my sketchbook. I still prefer drawing on paper though. I love how the soft tip of pencil touches paper, to feel its natural smooth movement of my hand :-)

The good thing of using tablet is coloring as I'm not very good with hand paint and always make lousy decision on color palette. Spending time changing colors on monitor saves a lot of fussy moment.

Good news for me, I have got more job on illustration. It's not main illustration, more like some spot illustrations but I feel like getting closer to my dream :-)

PS. It's the first time I sign my name on my drawing, feeling like an artist, an amateur though :-P


  1. what a lovely boot.
    Congrats on the illustrations jobs.
    Happy New 2010 to you!

  2. Congratulations on the illo jobs and all the best to you in 2010! Boot is looking great- awesome linework!

  3. Thank you Amy and Jannie :-) Have a great day to you two!


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