doodle a day 03 and update of my Etsy

All the quirky lamps I drew last night before going to bed. I like how the first small drawing brings a series. How irrational they are!

Now talk about my Etsy shop. I know I have been rambling on and off about having the shop for some time. I'm beginning to be fed up with myself. So I have set up the date to launch my Etsy already! The date will be a week from now! January 20 or 21 (depending on where you are in the world) I actually asked my cousin who knew about astrology to find the date for me. She said that the date (either 20 or 21) would be the day that I feel happy to start new things. It may sound funny and silly but I'm kind of relieved to have a specific timeline to hold on or else I would have gone on and on talking about it without accomplishing anything :-)

I have so many drawings to list on the shop and had a hard time choosing them. However I have finished almost all the first set of listings for the opening now and here a preview of one of them:

These are adjusted version of my postcards I sold in an art square last year. I like vivid colors better than the pale ones.

The good thing of taking time to prepare my works is that I learn a lot about material and the process before sale. Since I need to do my works as real homemade, using my own ink jet printer, finding good paper, thinking about sizes and colors, how to make each piece look professional and also shipping stuffs, these make me quite nervous. I quite enjoy doing this tedious details though and can't wait to see it's up and going!

Here's the credit of the shop at the back. The shop will be called MerryDay. My sister who will be my shop partner in the future named it.

Its meaning is just simple: we always have merry time when we do things we love :-), don't we?


  1. Its good to have a timeline.I too function better with a schedule.Keeps my head clutter free( : I love the name of your shop!!Keep going,your path is right in front of you!!Warmest Regards,Cat


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