80% art, 20% business / learn to stop, learn to start


My two online classes have finally ended and I still keep thinking about them.

I took some other online classes before. They were good classes to some level but as I didn't manage my time for the classes well enough, I didn't benefit from them as I should have. But for these 2 courses, Creative Courage and Blogging Your Way, I devoted my time to really read, collect materials and participate as much as possible. I think I gain a lot from these classes, both in knowledge and spiritual support :)

Now I am kind of addicted to starting each day reading the classes' posts. Stephanie, from Creative Courage, incorporated artist's interviews into her class so well. Each one was very informative and inspiring and I felt like I needed more. I searched and read. But suddenly, it struck me that I was beginning to get lost again, in the sea of information.  I still need more info in marketing and Etsy tips. But that information will be only information if I don't create my art enough.

Lisa Sonora Beam from Creative Entrepreneur, one of the artists in the class interviews, says that if you want to be in creative career, you have to do your best in handling two jobs at the same time. One is to create, the other is to sell. The best blend should be 80% art and 20% business.

I think I'm doing on the art part only 10% right now. It's time to switch my focus...

Just like doing digital illustration, with easy clicks, we tend to keep on changing colors, adjusting things with no end. I guess learning to stop and learning to start are very important in designing (and also in life).

Let's see what I will show you next post :)

I forgot that I'm supposed to have one idea each day for the PiBoIdMo. So, here we go :

day 5 : A village where each villager has flower or plant on his or her head.

day 6 :  Little Leaf (from day 3 post) makes friend with other kinds of leaf in the woods.

day 7 : Something about cloud?

day 8 : A girl who is never sad.

day 9 : A pessimistic girl vs. an optimistic boy

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  1. I found this post really comforting and inspiring. I'm in the same boat, trying to bring up the art percentage from the miserable single digits. The creative course looks interesting, maybe I'll look into that to get me kickstarted. BYW has definitely shocked me into action (next stop: photo course!).



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