A half day of frustration and a half day of inspiration :)


The good thing about doing freelance is that your time is flexible. This really helps when I get into creative blocks or encounter frustrating problems that prevents me from creating good design. In the case of today, I have a problem with my inkjet printer. It's the third working equipment gone bad in the period of 6 weeks. So, I guess it's quite acceptable to be very upset.

But I didn't let myself be mad too long. It's not good. I could just make use of my schedule flexibility by turning my computer off and switching to do something more relaxing. The printer could wait. I'm sure I can figure it out later ( or I hope).

So, with a box of color markers and a sketchbook by my side, I sat on the cool floor and started reading the current issue of Frankie Magazine, one of my wonderful inspiration sources. Its pretty pages with insightful content really helped lifting my spirit. I ended my afternoon with some pages of color sketches and a few worthy quotes...

I guess my today is not too bad at all :)

PiboidMo day 13 : what if Giraffes could fly?

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  1. hello pavinee,
    i followed you over from BYW and am happy to have discovered your blog, it is lovely, i will be back


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